Health in All Policies Technical Assistance

The health of communities is greatly affected by policies and practices not only in the public health and health care arenas, but across diverse areas such as housing, land-use and planning, transportation, public safety, education, economic and community development, environmental protection, and many other sectors. Such policies and practices shape our environment and the conditions in which we live, work, learn and play, impacting our health and well-being directly as well as indirectly by influencing our health-related behaviors.

M. Royster 12-9-15 HiAP Workshop

IPHI Vice President Mike Royster presenting the HEI tool at the workshop for leaders of Richmond City government.

“Health in All Policies” is a collaborative approach to improving community health by incorporating health considerations into decision-making across sectors and policy areas.  The goal of Health in All Policies (HiAP) is to ensure policy-makers are informed about the health, equity and sustainability considerations of various policy options during the policy development process in order to maximize the health benefits and minimize negative health consequences.

We provide technical assistance to local and state governments on Health in All Policies.  As an example, we provided support to the City of Richmond, Virginia in the development and adoption of a Health in All Policies Resolution in February 2015, and worked with a team of City departmental leaders to implement the Health in All Policies framework across all departments, agencies and offices.  As part of this technical assistance, IPHI Vice President Mike Royster co-facilitated a two-day workshop for leaders of Richmond City government on HiAP. During the two days, participants were introduced to HiAP concepts and definitions, explored how HiAP relates to and can support the city’s strategic plan and focus on poverty reduction, and practiced using a health equity impact (HEI) tool that helped participants consider the health and equity implications of the city’s revitalization plans.

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