IPHI Partners with Local Foundation to Complete its 2018 Community Needs Assessment


IPHI partnered with the Cameron Foundation in Petersburg, VA to update its periodic Community Needs Assessment for 2018. The assessment provides a comprehensive review of demographic, socioeconomic, physical environmental, and health indicators, and includes jurisdiction-level forces of change analyses and a summary of existing services and resources in the Foundation’s service area. IPHI led the collection, analysis, and reporting of health indicators, which include clinical and behavioral risk factors, County Health Rankings from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, health outcomes, and life expectancy maps.

IPHI worked with the Foundation to frame the entire report using a health equity lens in order to link demographics, environmental and socioeconomic factors (i.e. social determinants of health-SDOH) to overall health outcomes and inequities between populations, neighborhoods, and jurisdictions. Among other data in the report, IPHI integrated the Vulnerable Populations Footprint from the Community Commons and census tract life expectancy maps to visually demonstrate the link between adverse SDOH and short life span at the neighborhood level.  IPHI added evidence-based recommendations to guide communities in the use of the assessment.

Read the Cameron Foundation’s press release here

Read the full Cameron Foundation Health Needs Assessment here