Our Work in Action

Our current projects largely fit into one or more of the following categories:

Training & Workforce Development

Training & Workforce Development IPHI engages in a range of activities to build skills, knowledge, and leadership among public health professionals, and ultimately strengthen the capacity of organizations and communities for collaborative action to improve the public’s health. This may range from convening special educational sessions related to emerging public health topics to designing and […]

Policy & Health Systems Improvement

Policy & Health Systems Improvement IPHI engages in a range of efforts to strengthen health-related policies and systems, such as advocating for healthier and sustainable food systems, providing technical support on “Health in All Policies” approaches, and leading a regional campaign promoting municipal policies that create healthier, more prosperous cities and towns. DC Healthy Housing Collaborative Healthy […]

Innovations that Promote Community Health

Innovations that Promote Community Health We work together with our partners to design, implement, and evaluate innovative public health strategies that offer promise of improved community health, particularly for populations and communities experiencing significant health inequities. We aim to inspire new solutions while also building upon existing strategies that are known to be effective. For […]

Community Health Worker Initiatives

Community Health Worker Initiatives Integrating trained community members as part of a more responsive, accessible health care system. IPHI is one of the DC-Maryland-Virginia region’s leading partners in the development, coordination, and evaluation of Community Health Worker (CHW) initiatives. When effectively designed and implemented, CHW programs can be an important aspect of community-based public health systems. […]

Community Health Improvement Planning

Community Health Improvement Planning Community Health Assessment (CHA) and Community Health Improvement Planning (CHIP) are collaborative processes that are used to identify trends, needs, and resources in a community or jurisdiction and develop action plans for community health improvement. Our framework for community health improvement work defines health broadly and recognizes that health and well-being are […]

Research and Evaluation

Research and Evaluation We engage in program evaluation to learn about the effectiveness of public health programs and work with our partners on research to gain information that can help to create healthier communities in our region. The following are three examples of current evaluation activities, which we often conduct with the support of evaluation […]