Center for the Community Health Workforce

IPHI is a Regional CenteCHW Training 3r for Advancing Community Health Worker Practice, Research and Policy

Leveraging growing opportunities for peer-based workforce strategies, we launched the Center for the Community Health Workforce (CCHW) in 2013. CCHW is a broad-based regional “center for excellence” that fosters multi-sector collaboration to grow and support the community-based health workforce with a particular focus on community health workers (CHWs).

The CCHW has the following priorities:

  • Support the development of regional standards and scopes of practice for CHWs;
  • Further develop a teaching program for the training and continuing education of CHWs;
  • Support the development of CHW networks across DC, MD, and VA;
  • Provide consultation and technical assistance to organizations that request help in planning, operating, or evaluating CHW programs;
  • Support the effective integration of CHWs into clinical and community-based teams and the design of policies and programs that facilitate retention of CHWs;
  • Engage in research and innovation relating to CHW models;
  • Serve as a clearinghouse for regional, national, and international CHW best practices; and
  • Support policy development to finance and sustain CHW service models across the region.

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