Prince George’s County Food Equity Council

The Prince George’s County Food Equity Council (FEC) is a local food policy council that works to help residents grow, sell, and choose healthy food.

Since 2013, the council has been a voice for county residents at the policymaking table. FEC works with county leaders to find permanent solutions to improve the food system. The FEC focuses on systematic and sustainable changes to Prince George’s public health challenges (i.e., hunger, obesity, and food deserts that lack healthy food options) by advocating for policy that creates a more equitable local food system.

The council has helped local farmers survive and thrive by partnering with key influencers and policymakers to change laws. Local farmer’s markets now enjoy a more streamlined permit process, fewer fees and regulations, and extended operating hours.

The FEC also has made inroads in urban farming. Before 2016, Prince George’s County zoning laws only allowed one urban farm in the county. Today, 73 percent of county land is rezoned for urban farming, which means more residents can grow healthy food, engage directly with their food source, and enjoy greener spaces. As a result, residents can also benefit from supplemental income, community unification, lower crime, and increased property values. As a bonus, urban farmers can get up to $5,000 in property tax credits annually.

Prince George’s County Food Equity Council knows there’s still more work to be done. FEC is on a mission to lift the community and looking for caring local residents to help.  The FEC is comprised of a group of hometown leaders and changemakers committed to bringing better food to every fork. That involves active collaboration between individuals, local businesses, and county government.

FEC invites local community members to get involved and have a seat and voice at the table. The work we do for food equity today will lead to a healthier tomorrow.

Join our efforts to help residents GROW, SELL, and CHOOSE healthy food and make a difference for you and your neighbors. If you’re interested in the council’s accomplishments, please visit the Healthy Food Policy Project website case study feature: Prince George’s County Food Equity Council: Taking on Food Swamps through Policy Change.

Please visit the FEC website at or contact Sydney Daigle, Food Equity Council Director, at to learn more.