Transforming Prince George’s County Communities Through Health in All Policies

In 2012, IPHI was awarded a two-year Community Transformation Grant (CTG) from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to work with a broad range of partners in Prince George’s County, Maryland to reduce chronic disease in an area of the county with the highest disease burden.

The team worked in Prince George’s County, Maryland to reduce chronic disease rates, prevent the development of secondary conditions, and address health disparities with complementary policy, environmental, programmatic, and infrastructure activities to create health equity and optimize health outcomes. These activities focused on neighborhoods within and surrounding Langley Park, Suitland/Coral Hills, and Bladensburg/East Riverdale. We implemented seven strategies in the areas of Active Living, Healthy Eating; High-Quality Clinical Preventive Services; and Healthy and Safe Physical Environments, as well as an overarching strategy that created an infrastructure component within the County. Three additional mini-grants were awarded to implement more work in wellness policies, no-smoking policies, and pedestrian safety.

The goal of the strategies was to improve access to affordable and healthy food; increase the number of people covered by health systems to support control of high blood pressure and high cholesterol; and increase the number of people with access to safe physical environments.

In order to guide and support the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the collective CTG effort, we formed a cross-sector Leadership Team. The Leadership Team included a diverse set of high-level stakeholders with the influence to leverage political and other resources necessary to advance policy and systems change in Prince George’s County.

Download the CTG Highlights Brochure for a summary and list of accomplishments for each strategy, quotes from stakeholders, and photos from our events.


Partner Strategy
Prince George’s County Food Equity Council Food Equity Council

To increase access to healthy food options

Eco City Farms

Community Support Agriculture (CSA)

To increase the number of CSA locations that provide access to healthy food options

Maryland Farmers Market Association Double-Value Coupon Program (DVCP)

To increase the number of farmers’ markets that institute healthy food procurement practices

Community Clinic, Inc.Greater Baden Medical Services Community Health Worker (CHW) Model

To increase the number of clinic-based CHW models in patient-centered medical homes

Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission Safe Routes to Play (SRTP)

To increase the number of communities that incorporate SRTP strategies

Prince Georges County Police Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

To increase the number of crime prevention measures for low-income housing units, neighborhoods and/or parks

Prince George’s County Board of Education Mini-grant

To identify gaps in current school health and wellness policies

Prince George’s County Housing Authority Mini-grant

To inform the implementation of the smoke-free policy and to enhance the overall health of the residents

The Street Wize Foundation Mini-grant

To implement the first-ever pedestrian safety-focused sessions for the organization using safety messages developed by the Prince George’s Healthcare Action Coalition’s Pedestrian Safety Work Group