IPHI and Prince George’s County Public Schools bring wellness policies into student life

Through IPHI’s Community Transformation Grant, Prince George’s County Public Schools is conducting a comprehensive health and wellness policy scan that seeks to determine current Prince George’s County Board of Education polices related to:

  • food and nutrition standards within school cafeterias;
  • healthy vending machines options for students and staff at elementary schools;
  • health education within the elementary school curriculum;
  • physical activity minutes within an elementary school day;
  • tobacco use on school grounds and staff health; and
  • wellness initiatives in elementary schools

Results of the policy scan were used to update and write new school health and wellness policies and set benchmarks that will be compared against national standards among similar school districts. A meeting was held to gather feedback and inform teachers, staff, parents, and Board of Education members of the results of the assessment and proposed policy changes and the CDC coordinated school health model.

To learn more about this mini-grant, contact us at 202.747.3512 or via email at [email protected].