The Health Collaborative in the Dan River Region


Since 2016, we have provided community health improvement process support to The Health Collaborative in the Dan River Region of Virginia and North Carolina. The mission of The Health Collaborative is to unite organizations and create action which support health for all people in the Dan River Region. Currently comprised of 113 members, representing 50-plus organizations over two states, the Collaborative is focusing on policy, system and environmental changes centered on active living, healthy eating, access to healthcare and creating healthy spaces. Using the guiding principles of health impact, feasibility, and health equity The Health Collaborative strives to increase health equity by addressing the root causes of poor health resulting in a healthy, vibrant and more resilient Dan River Region.

Our partnership with The Health Collaborative includes evaluation, marketing and communications support, capacity building, resource development, facilitative leadership and project management in the following areas:

  • Recruiting and convening community partners
  • Facilitating the Health Equity Report process
  • Evaluation of Collaborative and action team strategies
  • Management of Healthiest Cities and Counties projects
  • Building brand recognition and internal and external communication structures
  • Conducting community input and community engagement processes
  • Supporting strategic planning
  • Providing capacity for Coordinating Committee, action team chairs and project leads
  • Supporting event planning around annual Health Summit and Leadership Breakfasts

For more information on The Health Collaborative, visit the project website, or contact Elyse Jardine at [email protected].