Design, Implement & Evaluate Innovative Public Health Strategies

Key themes across all of IPHI’s work are collaboration, innovation, and action. We work with a broad range of partners across the DC-MD-VA region and nationally to develop and implement effective solutions that help create healthier communities. Sometimes this means lifting up and reinforcing what we already know is effective, and in other cases, it means forging new ground with bold, novel solutions.

The key to public health innovation is not always that we are creating something new and different. While that may be true in many cases, innovation is most essentially an active process of pushing the envelope to ensure our collective efforts to create community health are more efficient, effective, equitable, and sustainable than ever before. That is rarely, if ever, a process that can happen independently within any one organization.

We work together with government, community organizations, health care providers, academic institutions, funding organizations, and many others to design, implement, and evaluate public health strategies that offer promise of the better results our communities deserve.

Program Highlight: Positive Pathways

For an example of how we work with partners to design, implement, and evaluate innovative public health strategies, see our case study on Positive Pathways.

To learn more about how we design, implement, and evaluate innovative public health strategies, contact us at 202.747.3512 or via email at [email protected].