Facilitate Cross-Sector Partnerships for Health

IPHI’s work reflects the understanding that many community sectors, both public and private, have essential roles to play in protecting and improving the public’s health. Throughout history, some of the greatest improvements in health came from advancements related to social and environmental issues, such as sanitation, labor laws, and housing and neighborhood conditions.

Community Health is a Shared Responsibility

Public and private organizations involved in medical care, the environment, housing, transportation, parks and recreation, land use planning, public safety, education, and many other areas are all integral players in the effort to improve the public’s health. However, policies and resources in these areas are often fragmented into silos. Policy, program and resource decisions made in sectors that do not consider public health as their primary mission may not consider the potential effects of their actions on human health, often resulting in unintended negative consequences or missed opportunities for improved community health.

IPHI promotes a comprehensive approach to integrate health considerations into the development and implementation of policies and programs in non-health sectors. We seek to build partnerships for health to make new progress on challenging issues that affect the public’s health and well-being.

Program Highlights:

Healthy Montgomery Transforming Communities Initiative

For an example of how we work with partners to facilitate cross-sector partnerships for health, see the Healthy Montgomery Transforming Communities Initiative.