Provide Training, Technical Assistance & Capacity Support

Ron Simmons, Exec Dir, Us Helping Us - Capacity for Change Meeting

As a public health institute, IPHI has an important role to play offering workforce training opportunities, providing technical assistance to government and community partners, and building community capacity to reach our shared public health goals.

Training and Education

Skill development, leadership cultivation, and continuous learning are critical aspects of ensuring that professionals in health-related sectors in our region are as effective as they can be. We serve as a resource for the region in creating shared learning opportunities. This may range from convening educational sessions on emerging topics that our communities need to understand and address to providing more comprehensive training programs meant to develop a segment of the public health workforce.

IPHI is one of the region’s leading resources for the training of community health workers. As of 2014, we have played a role in training over 700 community health workers across DC, Maryland and Virginia. In addition, we train staff at health care organizations on how to integrate community health workers into their clinical care teams.

Technical Assistance

IPHI provides technical assistance and capacity building support to organizations and community partnerships. For example, we provide technical assistance to the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services and the Healthy Montgomery Steering Committee and workgroups on the development, implementation, and evaluation of the county’s community health improvement planning process.

Capacity Building

IPHI works with partners to build community capacity to address critical public health challenges or function effectively within the public health system. Illustrating this, our Capacity for Change project, a collaboration with Washington AIDS Partnership, included a series of targeted trainings and community forums to help the HIV/AIDS service sector take advantage of time-sensitive systems change opportunities related to the implementation of health care reform.

Case Example: Healthy and Equitable Communities Training

For an example of how we provide training, technical assistance, and capacity support, see Healthy and Equitable Communities Training.

To learn more about how we provide training, technical assistance, and capacity support, contact us at 202.747.3512 or via email at