Support Effective Public Policy

Fredericksburg City Hall

Public policy plays a central role in creating healthier communities. Policy can be a tool for financing cost-effective public health strategies, maximizing health benefits from certain programs or opportunities, improving service systems, and influencing healthier behaviors.

IPHI supports the development and implementation of effective public health policy and advocates for public policy that makes clear sense based on science and community interests for health and well being. We have a particular focus on promoting what has come to be known as “health in all policies,” or an integrated and comprehensive approach to ensuring that public policy across sectors, including those not traditionally viewed as health sectors, is developed and implemented with deliberate consideration for the potential positive and negative consequences to health and health equity.

Case Example: The HEAL Cities & Towns Campaign

For an example of how we support effective public policy, visit the HEAL Cities & Towns Campaign website.

To learn more about how we support effective public policy, contact us at 202.747.3512 or via email at [email protected].