Positive Partnerships Create Positive Outcomes

The Institute for Public Health Innovation works with a wide range of partners in the pursuit of healthier populations and communities. These partners include government, a wide range of community organizations, health care providers, academic institutions, and funding organizations.

Government Partners Benefit From Our Strategic Capacity & Flexibility Governmental agencies have a central role in assuring community health and well being, but they also can benefit from private sector partners that can offer technical support as well as the flexibility that may be needed to capitalize on opportunities in a timely way.   At […]
IPHI’s Role is to Support and Complement the Many Existing Community-Based Public Health Organizations Many community-based organizations and coalitions are effective because they have trust-based relationships with specific populations and communities or they have expertise in specific health areas. We help our community partners leverage those strengths while offering a broad set of capabilities and […]
Transforming Communities in Prince George’s County
IPHI Works Closely with Health Care Providers Throughout the Region IPHI works closely with health care providers throughout the region to integrate community-based public health strategies into medical care service systems. In particular, we are involved in training and supporting community health workers and the clinical staff with whom they work in order to implement […]
Leading Academic Institutions Partner with IPHI IPHI partners with many of the leading academic institutions in DC, Maryland, and Virginia to test and evaluate innovative public health programs and bring additional public health resources into the region.   Examples of Our Partnerships with Academic Institutions We collaborate with the Prevention Research Center at the University […]
IPHI Works Closely With Funding Organizations At IPHI, we work closely with funding organizations to help them achieve the desired results from their public health investments. Furthermore, as a public health institute, one of our roles is to work side-by-side with governmental agencies, foundations, and corporations to consider how we can have the greatest collective […]

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