IPHI’s Role is to Support and Complement the Many Existing Community-Based Public Health Organizations

Chris Barnhill

Many community-based organizations and coalitions are effective because they have trust-based relationships with specific populations and communities or they have expertise in specific health areas. We help our community partners leverage those strengths while offering a broad set of capabilities and relationships that enable us to work together toward more comprehensive, collaborative, and cost-effective public health approaches.


Examples of Our Partnerships with Community-Based Organizations

  • We provide backbone support to the Food Equity Council, a coalition of organizations and community leaders that work collaboratively to advance the food system in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Read more
  • We partner with community-based organizations to implement innovative public health programs. For example, we collaborate with Heart to Hand, Inc. to engage people living with HIV/AIDS in medical care through Total Health Partners.  Read more


To learn more about our partnerships with community-based organizations, click on the links above or contact us at 202.747.3512 or via email at [email protected]