IPHI Works Closely With Funding Organizations

D.C. Health Benefit ExchangeAt IPHI, we work closely with funding organizations to help them achieve the desired results from their public health investments. Furthermore, as a public health institute, one of our roles is to work side-by-side with governmental agencies, foundations, and corporations to consider how we can have the greatest collective impact. In addition, we provide capacity to manage grant-making processes, including awarding, monitoring, and evaluating grant programs on behalf of our funding partners.

Examples of Our Partnerships with Funding Organizations

  • We serve as grants administrator for the DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority’s DC Health Link Assister Program, which provides grants to 33 community organizations across DC involved in helping residents sign up for health insurance through the new insurance exchange. Read more
  • We work closely with Washington AIDS Partnership to support their investments aimed at helping community-based HIV/AIDS service providers evolve their service models and business practices. Read more

To learn more about our partnerships with funding organizations, click on the links above or contact us at 202.747.3512 or via email at [email protected].