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Collaborative Neurologic Solutions


Collaborative Neurologic Solutions

Collaborative Neurologic Solutions is a multi-state, community-led response to address the unmet needs of individuals and families impacted by neurologic health conditions.

IPHI collaborates with health and social care-related organizations to improve the quality of life for community members impacted by complex neurologic diseases. The team works to increase access to the resources needed to support community members’ quality of life.

The team works in the following key areas to achieve this vision:

  • Navigating health and social care systems
  • Community outreach and engagement
  • Professional education
  • Cross-sector collaborations

The team uses innovative, data-driven technology to map available resources for neurological disease communities. This technology reveals gaps in care, identifies organizations capable of implementing solutions, and showcases existing resources. The team gathers real experiences and opinions of people impacted by neurologic health conditions to prioritize and guide the work from design to evaluation.

This work creates equitable systems to maximize existing resources through awareness and directs resources to under-resourced communities and issues.

Scope of work: 

Collaborative Neurologic Solutions engages people living with neurological health conditions, care partners, and professionals in Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia to deliver solutions addressing their most urgent needs. The team offers navigation tools, professional training and education, public awareness, and community engagement support.

Explore an example here:

To learn more about the Collaborative Neurologic Solutions project, please contact Senior Program Manager Lauren Ruiz at [email protected] or 202.987.2540.