DC Healthy Housing Collaborative


The DC Healthy Housing Collaborative is a new multi-sector coalition seeking to address substandard housing conditions that contribute to significant health issues affecting District residents. The relationship between poor housing conditions and certain health problems such as asthma and lead poisoning is well-documented.  In the District of Columbia, one’s race, income, and neighborhood too often predict the potential for poor housing conditions that can negatively influence health. On August 20, 2018, the DC Healthy Housing Collaborative (DCHHC) held their inaugural meeting. IPHI is an active member of the DCHHC, and serves as the Collaborative’s backbone organization.

The DCHHC recently received a grant from the DC Healthy Communities Collaborative for the The Housing Remediation Pilot Project in communities in Washington, DC. This pilot will be a demonstration  project offering housing remediation services to families referred from health, housing, and legal agencies who identify single-family and multi-family properties where families with housing-related health conditions reside. Yachad, a non-profit focused on housing that provides home remediation services to low-income residents, will coordinate the demonstration project, and the Institute for Public Health Innovation will serve in an overarching facilitative role as the DC Healthy Housing Collaborative’s backbone organization.

Starting with the August meeting, the DCHHC will be convening a multidisciplinary stakeholder group monthly to review and refine the housing remediation intervention and to develop a strategic plan to address healthy housing in the District of Columbia. The goal of the DCHHC is to work in partnership with government, nonprofit and private organizations, and affected communities to improve individuals’ health by addressing housing conditions. Strategies include: medical and legal interventions; workforce development; housing remediation and policy advocacy. Stakeholders include representatives from health care, legal, advocacy, service organizations, and governmental agencies.


For more information on the regular meetings of the DC Healthy Housing Collaborative, please contact Abby Charles at acharles@institutephi.org.