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A row of townhouses in Washington, D.C.

DC Healthy Housing Collaborative

A row of townhouses in Washington, D.C.


The District of Columbia Healthy Housing Collaborative (DCHHC) is a multi-sector coalition addressing substandard housing conditions that contribute to significant health issues affecting District of Columbia residents.

DC Healthy Housing Collaborative logoThe DC Healthy Housing Collaborative (DCHHC) is a coalition of various organizations working together to improve the health of the District of Columbia (DC) residents by making sure their homes are safe and free of harmful exposures such as pests, mold, and lead.

Any home can have such problems, but houses in poor neighborhoods are far more likely to have chronic issues. In D.C., race, income, and neighborhood too often predict the potential for poor housing conditions that can lead to serious health problems. The DC Healthy Housing Collaborative (DCHHC) helps individuals and families take the steps needed to keep their homes safe.

IPHI serves as a backbone organization to help provide infrastructure and administrative support (including financial and grants management, human resources, communications, etc.), which allows the teams to concentrate on specific missions as service providers or mining resources for their audience.

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