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CHW Discovery Series: CHWs Addressing Health Disparities in Chronic Disease

RCMI CHW Discovery Series Flyer

Join Howard University and Research Centers in Minority Institutions (RCMI) as they provide specialized CHW training on community-based participatory research topics relevant to local communities.

All trainings will take place from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. with a 30-minute break.

Tues. May 24 – CHWs and Research

  • Describe the various types of research and how they are different and similar.
  • Explain the importance of research.
  • Explain barriers and resistance for minority communities in participating in research opportunities.
  • Develop strategies to promote research and show how it can be used to help your community.

Tues. June 14 – The Role of CHWs in Bringing Awareness of the Importance of Sleep in Communities 

  • Historical and Cultural Perspectives of Sleep
  • The Racial Inequalities of Sleep
  • Factors that Influence Sleep
  • Variations in Sleep
  • Promoting Sleep in Communities
  • Overcoming Factors that Interfere with sleep
  • You and your biological clock
  • When to seek treatment

Tues. July 12 – Cancer 101 

  • Define key clinical terms for each chronic disease
  • Explain the signs, symptoms, and prevalence of each chronic disease
  • Describe risk factors for each chronic disease
  • List types of prevention and treatment and their benefits for each chronic disease
  • Describe the role of CHWs in supporting clients with a particular chronic disease
  • List some resources for managing the chronic disease

Tues. August 9 – Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes 

  • About Diabetes Types-CDC
  • Are You At Risk For Type 2 Test?
  • Pre-Diabetes Test
  • Pre-Diabetes Infographic-CDC
  • Prevent Type 2 CDC Infographic
  • US Diabetes Infographic-CDC
  • Diabetes and Prediabetes Resource List

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