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Food Security Report

Title "Prince George's County Food Security Task Force Recommendations 2021" over a background image of crops growing from the ground.

Food Security Report

IPHI, Prince George’s County Food Security Task Force, and Prince George’s County Food Equity Council (FEC) completed a report to address the county’s food-security challenges exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The report recommends 11 solutions (four foundational and seven general strategies) for the Prince George’s County Council, Office of the County Executive, and County agencies to adopt.

To download the report, click: here.

To view the executive summary of the report and recommendations, click: here.


Foundational Recommendations

  1. Create and fund a Prince George’s County Food Security Office.
  2. Gather, analyze, and use data to inform and drive County agency food security decisions.
  3. Increase resident participation in federal nutrition assistance programs.
  4. Develop a master communication strategy for food security, resilience, and emergency preparedness.

Food Security Policies and Programs Recommendations

  1. Plan for future food security disruptions by developing an emergency food security plan that integrates food system experts into existing emergency management operations.
  2. Increase access to bulk food purchasing, infrastructure, and resources for food assistance providers.
  3. Co-locate food security and social safety net services to create closed-loop referral systems.
  4. Improve transportation options for residents to access healthy food retailers and providers.
  5. Leverage state and regional partners for cross-jurisdictional food systems planning, coordinated communication, and infrastructure development.
  6. Provide land access, infrastructure, and resources to help agriculture flourish.
  7. Continue to provide and expand market incentives to support healthy food retailers of multiple sizes in target communities.