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Health Officials Urge Virginians to Get Their Shots Ahead of Respiratory Virus Season

Decreased vaccination rates can also be attributed to a lack of accessibility, according to Bel Kelly-Russo, a program associate at ImmunizeVA, a project of the Institute for Public Health and Innovation.

It boils down to access: securing an appointment and affording the shot, Kelly-Russo said.

“I would say that there’s fatigue, kind of, on the system itself,” Kelly-Russo said, including confusion around vaccine billing and distribution.

For example, pediatric offices face high costs to store vaccines for those under the age of 5 years old, which have lower COVID-19 vaccination rates, according to Kelly-Russo.

Bel Kelly-Russo, IPHI’s program associate, discusses the potential reasons for a decrease in vaccine rates with the Virginian Pilot. 

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